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We are committed to electrifying mobility with green energy while growing together with exceptional and driven professionals

Are you an ambitious engineer or change maker? 

Do you want to make the world a better place and contribute to the most pressing issue of our time, reduction of CO2 emissions?

Join us in shaping the future of sustainable mobility; 

work with an exceptional and visionary team; 

build one of the most climate game changing businesses of the time; 

be amongst the first in the industry of the future!

What characterizes us?

We are the shapers of a sustainable mobility future

By building and growing Lifthium we ensure the future supply is secured for the much-needed batteries that fuel the mobility transition. By pioneering new game changing technologies while building on strong foundations of deep chemical expertise we want to become the catalyst for change in the future of green energy and mobility.

We are passionate entrepreneurs that want to contribute to a better world

This is not just a job, it’s a calling. We take pride in the environmental and societal benefits of our product and technology, which allows for a lower CAPEX and OPEX while reducing CO2 emissions. We have a strong ethical compass and commitment to sustainable practices

We are the chasers of engineering excellence and technical innovation

We elevate constantly engineering standards and our production facilities will set the new industry bar, exemplifying efficiency while significantly reducing CO2 emissions

We strive for Balance

We are innovators that prioritize ‘doing’ over ‘planning’ without compromising on safety. We take pride in our engineering excellence, yet remain agile, continuously testing and adapting our solutions

We are Human Centered

We do what we do for our people and their professional growth. We are team players working harmoniously together while forging valuable partnerships across the entire value chain

Meet our people

Luis Palma Figueiredo

Luis Palma Figueiredo

Finance and Strategy Manager
I get to work with visionary leaders and technical innovators in a working environment that I enjoy and allows me to grow and progress in my career. Lithium is the hot topic of the future.
Maria Ana Manoel

Maria Ana Manoel

Legal Coordinator
Lifthium is a great place to work. I love the culture and how collaborative and supportive my colleagues are. I get to work on sustainability topics and also contribute to building a new venture from the beginning.
Bernardo Gross

Bernardo Gross

It's not just a workplace; it's a dynamic environment where innovation, teamwork, and personal development go together. I am proud to be part of this extraordinary journey, building something from the ground up, contributing to a more sustainable future, and helping to shape the next generation of leaders within our organization.

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